Customer Survey Year End 2019

Thank you to everyone who filled out my survey, it’s so great to get the feedback!

I only asked a few questions, but the questions provided me with insight in to how my business is doing. Keep reading to see the results.

“Where did you hear about Kerry Kefir?”

75% of my customers heard about Kerry Kefir via word of mouth!! 75%! That’s amazing. In this wonderful little county of ours, word of mouth makes such a difference to small businesses. So keep spreading the good word of kefir!

20% was through social media, and 5% from networking and talks.

These results tell me to point my energy in the direction of real people in real life! I’d love to start doing tastings and meeting people in different towns to spread awareness and knowledge of my product. If you know any shop owner who would love to have me do a tasting in their shop, let me know!

“How often do you drink Kerry Kefir?”

70% of people who answered the survey said they drink it everyday.

My goal is for Kerry Kefir to become part of your everyday routine, in a bid towards optimising your gut health. I’m 70% of the way there! Class.

“What is your serving size when you drink Kerry Kefir?”

The results were neck in neck- 45% drink 100mls and 45% drink more than 100mls a day. Only 5% drink less than the recommended 100mls.

I’ve chosen to sell my kefir in litre bottles, as I feel that drinking kefir daily, and drinking at least 100mls per day is what is required to maintain a healthy gut. The litre bottles mean you have your kefir supply for a week at a time, and you can get a fresh batch every week. Winning!

“Does Kerry Kefir help you with any of the following symptoms?”

I love this one!

  • 75% said “Better Digestion”
  • 60% said “Regular bowel movements”
  • 65% said “Eases bloating”
  • 45% said “More energy”
  • 25% said “Clearer skin”
  • 10% said “Better sleep”

Only 1 customer felt she couldn’t answer as she hasn’t been taken it that long, but thinks she notices an improvement in her bloating.

I mean… the results speak for themselves. Kerry Kefir works.

“How satisfied are you with Kerry Kefir?”

100% of you are VERY SATISFIED with Kerry Kefir. (crying emoji). Thank you.


“How can we improve your experience with our business?”

The two favourites were “Online ordering system” and “Available to buy in shops”.

Initially, my mission with Kerry Kefir was to be direct to the customer so I could meet and get to know my customer. I wanted to provide you with the best home-made kefir, straight from my kitchen to your fridge. I have managed to achieve this on a small scale within Castleisland.

Now that I’m a year in, and I’m 100% confident in my product, and my customers are 100% “very satisfied” with Kerry Kefir, maybe it’s time I start talking to shops about stocking my product, so I can help more people with their digestion, bowel movements, bloating, energy, skin and sleep!!

What I would love is an online ordering system, where you could chose which shop to collect your bottle from!

Watch this space!






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