Kefir Grains

What are Kefir Grains?

The word ‘Grains’ does not refer to grains as we know them. Kefir ‘Grains’ are a symbiotic culture of live bacteria and yeast, living in harmony (symbiosis) together. They look like little florets of cauliflower! Kefir Grains

In order to survive and multiply, these beneficial bacteria and yeast need a source of energy. The naturally occurring lactose in milk provides a source of carbohydrates for the microbes. Through the process of fermentation, these powerful microbes enter the milk, creating the product Kefir.

By drinking Kefir, we ingest these probiotic cultures which help us break down our food in our intestine, so that we can absorb the nutrients from our food. This is vital for our health and immunity!



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